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Essential Life Skills on display at our Christmas Fayre

By January 9, 2024No Comments

The Mayor of Haslemere opens the Undershaw Christmas Fayre and receives his own Skills Award from one of the avid student Skills Spotters!

Mayor Jerome Davidson was awarded his ‘Speaking’ badge from an Undershaw student following his speech to open the Undershaw Christmas Fayre on Thursday.  There are Christmas Fayres with stalls, festive music, a Christmas raffle and much sparkle and joy. And then there’s the Undershaw Christmas Fayre which does all that… and more.

Undershaw is a Skills Builder Partnership Flagship school. The students learn essential life skills at every juncture of their school life and their attainment in their skills-based curriculum sits alongside their academic achievements.

Skills such as speaking, listening, teamwork and creativity are championed through a comprehensive programme of activities and reflections.  As an entirely student-led event, the Christmas Fayre gives plentiful opportunities for the development and mastery of life skills; vital for the workplaces of the future.

Our Christmas Fayre is always such a highlight of our festive period, and to have the students so happy and eager to plan, develop and run their stalls is always the culmination of a lot of hard work. It’s such fun but for me, to see the school bursting with learning opportunities, smiling faces and the essential skills on display everywhere, it’s always the best way to celebrate Undershaw and everything we stand for.

Leilah SheridanHead of Employability and Life Skills, Undershaw

We’re so grateful to Mayor Davidson for taking the time to open the fayre. The students love welcoming visitors to our school and particularly when they can go away with the accolade of a badge endorsing their skills! Life skills are all around us in every walk of life. We are so proud of our curriculum and all the ways in which the students learn to take their place in the world.

Emma WestHeadteacher, Undershaw
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