Undershaw is a beautiful place:

it has honourable purpose at its inception, literary prowess percolating through its early years, and excellence in its future as a re-envisioned centre for education since 2016.


We have a unique setting at Undershaw; a plethora of spaces that have the potential to be utilised for many purposes.

During term time, Undershaw takes the identity of Undershaw School, an independent Special Educational Needs and Disabilities setting.

Outside term time, Undershaw is a stunning venue for events, private gatherings, corporate offsites, outdoor activities, a filming location, and acts as a community hub for the Arts.

The potential is extensive:

  • Corporate Off-sites and Team Development Initiatives
  • Summer schools
  • Evening classes
  • Forest Tots groups
  • Band practice
  • Musical and theatrical performance areas
  • Exhibition space
  • Exclusive hire as a striking venue for private parties
  • Family celebrations
  • Evening fundraisers

Please contact the Marketing Team

who can arrange for a tour and first-hand appraisal of our facilities. We can arrange a bespoke package of hire to suit your needs.

Come for a visit to gauge the potential of what Undershaw can offer.


Talk to someone about hiring a space here at Undershaw


Read more about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at Undershaw


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