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We are so proud of our community at Undershaw. It was not long ago that our school had a different name and many of our students who have since left us will know the school as Stepping Stones School.


We are in the development phases of establishing an Alumni Association as we know our past students are as proud of our school as those who are currently on their educational journey with us.

As with any community we will be hosting events and providing many reasons for us to get together. If you are an alumnus, or know someone who is, then please get in touch. We would love you to be involved as we form this vital part of our community.

The Alumni Series

We have many gifted Alumni.  One in particular has captured a unique view of the school’s legacy through his film-making.  The Alumni Series was filmed and produced by Joe Johnson who, after leaving the school and travelling the world, has since established himself as a gifted filmmaker. Working with Free Bird Film, Joe showcases some of the incredible stories, talents, and achievements of other inspiring young people, all of whom have chartered their own paths since leaving the school. They are all following their dreams. We hope you enjoy watching their stories.

Ollie Jones
Joe Shaw
Amie Humphries
Dylan Stewart
Sorcha Galvin
Ola Morgan

A word from our Transition and Alumni Lead, Sharon Setterfield

We are so proud of our school – and this means we are so proud of ALL our students, past and present. We would love to be in touch with you!

For those of you who won’t know me, my name is Sharon and my role is ‘Transition Officer’, which sounds terribly grand! It means that I look after pupils:

  • moving to Undershaw (formerly Stepping Stones) from other schools
  • moving between the lower school and the upper school
  • and also those going on beyond life at school, whether it’s to college, university or employment.

So as you can see from what I do here, I’m fascinated to hear where you are now and your journey since leaving us – perhaps for some of you that was a long time ago

  • Where are you and what are you doing now?
  • When did you leave Stepping Stones?
  • What is your fondest (or funniest) memory of your time here?
  • What would be your advice for a young person joining us in the future?

I would really love to hear from you so please drop me a line. You don’t have to answer the questions above, I’d just love to be in touch with you in whatever way suits you best. My email address is alumni@undershaw.education

What they're saying

‘Undershaw is a shining example of best practice in skills education. Congratulations to all involved'

Sophie DeavilleSenior Education Associate, Skills Builder Partnership

A strong focus on developing key life and employability skills in the sixth form ensures that pupils are well prepared personally, as well as academically, for the next stages of education or employment.

OFSTED ReportFeb 2022

The Undershaw students are just so lovely and friendly. I’m impressed how hard working and mature they are.

SarahCafé Manager, Haslewey Community Centre

It was a delight to meet your students: full of questions and curiosity. It’s clearly a lovely school.

Kate Perry, BBC Journalistand Undershaw Careers Week Speaker

The staff at Undershaw have created a lifelong strategy for students, ensuring that they have the essential skills needed to succeed.

Sophie DeavilleSenior Education Associate, Skills Builder Partnership

Thanks for the confidence in me.

Undershaw Alumnus

Honestly the change in him has been amazing. We feel very fortunate to have got into Undershaw. Such a great school with fantastic staff & teachers.

Undershaw Parent

The school has been amazing and has transformed my son in so many ways into the happy and confident 16yr old he is today.

Undershaw Parent

Eliminating the impossible


Undershaw is an inclusive community which is based on mutual respect.  Everyone is valued and their uniqueness celebrated.

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Undershaw is a caring and considerate school. We look after each other wholeheartedly, fostering meaningful and compassionate relationships.

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Undershaw is a safe space for all, where we can take risks. We support each other to keep going and believe in ourselves when we try new things.

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