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September 13, 2023 in Events, Fundraising, Our people

Students give seal of approval to Outdoor Regulation Project

There’s play equipment and then there’s Undershaw play equipment – and we do things a little differently. All children need free play. Our students need free play too but they…
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September 7, 2023 in COINS, Fundraising, Our people, Student life

A school that reads together, stays together

A school that reads together, stays together. To that end, we have refurbished our library.  Our English curriculum is broad and evolving - but one thing that never changes is…
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August 24, 2023 in General news, Our people, Student life

Undershaw celebrates as students are ready to soar

2023 sees a record-breaking year as Undershaw students collect their GCSE, BTEC and Functional Skills results: Students excelled in GCSE history and statistics, particularly, with 100% of students achieving a…
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Well-Being and Pastoral Care

Well-being is important to all of us at Undershaw: our students, our staff, and our families.

Well-being is more than happiness: it is the resilience and fortitude to take control of our own emotional welfare and seek help if we need it. It is engaging positively with those around us. It is receiving the recognition and reward for a job well done. It is feeling significant and impactful in our environment.

We teach and model these skills to our students through many avenues of discovery, and we hope that our culture and environment mean we can foster a sense of well-being for our families too.

We recruit the very best staff, experienced and specialists in their fields. Their well-being is vital to the health of our school too. We have a friendly and conciliatory environment where a smile goes a long way, and our Senior Leadership Team, Faculty Heads and Pastoral Leads all have a role as champions of a culture where diversity and inclusivity are held in high regard.

Whilst supporting the students with such a fantastic provision, we have certainly felt encouraged as parents too – the emotional support and advice has been wonderful, and I’m thrilled both my children get to reap the benefits of such a high quality education..


Year 4 Parent

Mental Health


We know that mental health is as vital to our well-being as our physical health. At Undershaw we have a robust network of mental health professionals threaded throughout our classroom teams, our therapists, and our senior leadership team.

Our Director of Safeguarding, Welfare and Pastoral Care leads on Adult Mental Health and we operate a robust programme of training on Mental Health First Aid. Our Head of Health and Therapies is also our Mental Health Lead.

Our team of Emotional Therapists is vital to the welfare of our school community, and they work tirelessly to ensure our Mental Health strategy is purposeful and endemic in all aspects of school life.

I support children to find their own voice. By empowering children my work enables them to develop an expanded sense of confidence, resilience and understanding so that they are better able to manage emotional and behavioural challenges.


Undershaw therapist
What they're saying

‘Undershaw is a shining example of best practice in skills education. Congratulations to all involved'

Sophie DeavilleSenior Education Associate, Skills Builder Partnership

A strong focus on developing key life and employability skills in the sixth form ensures that pupils are well prepared personally, as well as academically, for the next stages of education or employment.

OFSTED ReportFeb 2022

The Undershaw students are just so lovely and friendly. I’m impressed how hard working and mature they are.

SarahCafé Manager, Haslewey Community Centre

It was a delight to meet your students: full of questions and curiosity. It’s clearly a lovely school.

Kate Perry, BBC Journalistand Undershaw Careers Week Speaker

The staff at Undershaw have created a lifelong strategy for students, ensuring that they have the essential skills needed to succeed.

Sophie DeavilleSenior Education Associate, Skills Builder Partnership

Thanks for the confidence in me.

Undershaw Alumnus

Honestly the change in him has been amazing. We feel very fortunate to have got into Undershaw. Such a great school with fantastic staff & teachers.

Undershaw Parent

The school has been amazing and has transformed my son in so many ways into the happy and confident 16yr old he is today.

Undershaw Parent

Eliminating the impossible


Undershaw is an inclusive community which is based on mutual respect.  Everyone is valued and their uniqueness celebrated.

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Undershaw is a caring and considerate school. We look after each other wholeheartedly, fostering meaningful and compassionate relationships.

Read about Therapy


Undershaw is a safe space for all, where we can take risks. We support each other to keep going and believe in ourselves when we try new things.

Read about our Curriculum